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“Chaos League” available via on-line distribution

Paris, 15th November 2004

Cyanide, the developers of Chaos League, have decided to make their hit game available worldwide via Electronic Software Distribution (ESD). Gamers will be able to download the game directly from through a transaction guaranteed by PayPal. The price will be 30 Euros.

Chaos League is a unique blend of heroic fantasy, sport and real-time strategy. The three are combined to create a new genre which, along with a liberal dose of humour, have guaranteed the success of the game. The sport side of Chaos League looks similar to rugby or American football, but the teams of Elves, Orcs and Dwarves, .... (all of whom use varying degrees of violence and magic) ensure that the experience is closer to war than something than can be experienced at Twickenham or Mile High Stadium. A vibrant community has quickly evolved and the Cyanide GameCenter resounds to grunts and groans as gamers across the globe send forth their customised teams to battle it out on a Chaos League tournament. The survivors have learnt that the key to victory is a well-honed strategy and a timely choice of player tactics. However, some losers would put their defeat down to the opposition use of performance enhancing drugs, hooligans and bribery of match officials. Both outlooks may be valid !

On-line gaming is a major part of Chaos League's success. It is possible for 6 players to go head-tohead (3 on each side), but nothing can beat the joy of battling it out, one-on-one, in a custom team tournament. To reinforce the personal nature of a team, it is easy to create or modify existing player skins. Should a gamer lack the necessary artistic skills then there are plenty of people who seem to gain as much fun from redesigning as many aspects of the game as possible (players, cheerleaders, referee and ball) as playing it. In true community fashion, most of the work is made available on-line with installation details. This shows that if the Chaos League characters are not very civil, at least the on-line gamers are !

The game was released across Europe in the summer of 2004 through traditional publishing agreements : France (Focus), United Kingdom (Digital Jesters), Germany (PointSoft), Spain (PointSoft), Portugal (Porto Editora) ......Further agreements have opened several other areas of the globe : Russia and the countries of former Soviet Union (Game Factory Interactive), Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong (Auran), North America (Strategy First), Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines (iGames Asia) ..... This move into ESD, a first for Cyanide, is seen as a way to reach new markets and to answer the demands of gamers in such areas as Scandinavia where Chaos League is currently unavailable. The downloadable version will be available in English and German.

To play Chaos League the following configuration is required : Microsoft 98/2000/XP, Pentium III 700MHz processor (or equivalent), 128Mb of RAM and a 32Mb DirectX (Ver. 9.0 or above) compatible video card with support for TnL.

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