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Gekido Design Group announces next-generation platform “Beyond Virtual” and technology partnership with Veggie Games Inc.

June 9, 2005 Vancouver, BC, Canada - Gekido Design Group (GDGi) announced today a strategic partnership with Veggie Games Inc. to acquire and bring to market the Beyond Virtual Game Development Platform, the core technology

behind the award winning video game, Steer Madness. With features such as Real-time Editing, a Zero-Pipeline Art Import and Develop Once, Deliver Everywhere paradigm for cross-platform development, Beyond Virtual promises to simplify the game creation process while providing everything needed in a single package to make a top-notch game.

"Beyond Virtual provides a powerful, proven cross-platform solution for game developers. We are looking forward to bringing this technology to the masses", said Mike Wuetherick, GDGi's founder & CEO. "With our experience working directly with thousands of developers world-wide, combined with Veggie Games' powerful technology framework, Beyond Virtual promises to revolutionize the way that both AAA and independent developers create titles for next-generation platforms."

The partnership between GDGi and Veggie Games Inc. represents a powerful commitment to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to the game development community at a time when budgets and complexity continue to rise at an astronomical rate. Veggie Games Inc. will provide on-going development and enhancement while GDGi will supply the sales, marketing and support services for the developer community.

Several projects are already underway with the power of Beyond Virtual under the hood. Game design colleges are also integrating Beyond Virtual training into course curriculums starting September 2005.

Get a sneak peak of Beyond Virtual in action as Mike Wuetherick, CEO of GDGi, and Johnathan Skinner, president of Veggie Games Inc., unveil it's power at VIDFEST on June 16th, 2005 at 9:00am in Vancouver BC. It will be presented as part of the "Trials and Tribulations of Indie Game Development" Master Class at the Granville Island Hotel.

For more information about Beyond Virtual, or to receive a copy of the Beyond Virtual white paper, please email or visit:

About Gekido Design Group Inc (GDGi)

Originally founded in 1996, the Gekido Design Group has played a primary role in introducing open source technology to the game industry through our sponsorship and mentoring of developers around the world. Since incorporating in mid-2003, GDGi has become one of the premiere providers of advanced middleware solutions and educational courseware for the game and entertainment industry.


Mike Wuetherick

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About Veggie Games Inc.

Veggie Games Inc. is an independent video game developer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We create high quality, fun to play games that will make a positive influence in peoples lives and in the world. Our games teach people how to respect the environment, the animals, and each other.


Johnathan Skinner

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