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Layoffs, possible closure rumoured at Bizarre Creations

Project Gotham studio may lose all 200 staff; official statement expected soon

If rumour is to be be believed, UK studio Bizarre Creations, responsible for the Project Gotham series and this month's 007: Bloodstone, looks to be facing redundancies and even closure tonight.

Various industry sources have indicated that the Activision-owned developer, based in Liverpool, is to lose potentially all of its 200 staff.

Giant Bomb reports a source as claiming Bizarre is going through a "90-day consultation period" and "statutory redundancy."

Activision acquired Bizarre in 2007. Its new IP Blur, released earlier this year, allegedly sold poorly, while James Bond shooter Bloodstone has seen unfavourable reviews.

While there has yet to be any direct confirmation on the matter, rumour and sympathy is mounting quickly, with UK developer Turbulenz already encouraging any affected staff to apply for work in its Guildford studio.

Update: Activision has issued a statement that it may consider a sale of Bizarre Creations as it reassesses the business.

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