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Lawn trimming sim mows down the Mac App Store.

LawnMowerKids is a lawn mowing game that will have you control three kids on three different types of mowers, cutting grass while beating the clock in a stunning visual environment populated by engaging characters. The game is action-packed, but still totally nonviolent, so it is suitable for players of all ages.

LawnMowerKids is an addictive and imaginative cutting-edge game and it should certainly beat the actual act of mowing a lawn.

The game introduces the TNT Kids Tom, Nancy and Tim in a visual setting inspired by the fifties. Use the three different mower types to work out the best strategies to cut the grass avoiding hedges, trees, bushes, and grovel, without upsetting neighbors or household pets that may attack. Lots of in-game humor springs from fun animations and surprising chains of events.

- Wonderful 1950's suburban environment.

- 21 lawns to mow.

- Original Soundtrack.

- Lots of humor.

- Increasing difficulty - increasing pace.

- Avoid cats, dogs, flower settings, football players, party guests and grumpy old Joe.

- Collect Mr. Mowman's coveted medals by beating set times for each level.

Emanuel Dohi, CEO of Dohi Sweden AB, says:  "The new release of Lawn Mower Kids is a direct response to our loved fans that have been asking us for a Mac version. We are very happy and pleased to be first out at the launch of the Mac App Store with a native and unique touch of the game for the Mac platform!"

The iOS game, previously released on iPhone and iPod, has been critically acclaimed for being colorful, inventive and enjoyable gameplay:

-  "The multi-tasking portion whereby you need to keep an eye on the three kids simultaneously, to me, represents the fun part of LawnMowerKids; the developers hit a game play sweet spot on this."  Nine Over Ten 9/10

"Besides looking nice, sounding nice and playing nicely, my favourite part of the game was the rather large number of levels."  Portable Gamer 4/5

Apple App Store  is a great way for customers to download games and applications and keep them up to date, all accessible from the same secure location. Today LawnMoverKids can be enjoyed on a regular Mac computer with a unique touch for the platform. In order to use the App Store for Mac it is necessary that you perform a software update to the latest version of OS X.


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