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Launch of HummerHummer Mobile Game Pods!

Date: 18th October 2005


The UK's first specialist Hummer Promotional Vehicle Hire Company, HummerHummer have just launched their new & exclusive flagship vehicle specifically designed for promotion in the Gaming Market, and what better way to showcase it than being featured with a seal of approval in Octobers edition of the hottest Play station magazine - P2.

So what makes HummerHummer vehicles different? For a start the in-car or should I say 'out-car' technology allows gamers to compete against each other on the Play Station 2, X Box or console of choice from the outside the vehicle as well as inside. The 4 seater gaming vehicle boasts 3 external viewing screens, 2 internal screens and a rare West coast customs 17" rotatable screen in screen plasma, remote games controllers all to be devoured around a highly engaging Hummer H2 exterior.

This is what Lee Hohbein from the Games Division of Channel Advantage had to say about the new promotional tool:

"We've been really impressed by the guys at HummerHummer ever since they first visited us a few weeks ago to show off one off their four wheeled beasts! It's great to see an innovative promotional vehicle (pardon the pun!) like this and it really fits in with the funky, cutting edge game clients we deal with. We have integrated the HummerHummer message into our own and wholeheartedly recommend this great promotional tool to our clients"

This show car is not all HummerHummer have planned, they are about to unveil one of the highest specification Stretch Hummers in the World - 'The HummerHummer Experiential'. Taking over 12 months to create it boasts an exclusive Gull wing door, 2 consoles of choice on hot swap, 5 large Internal screens, 3 external screens, external audio, internal camera, logo projector, customisable interior and enough room to seat 12 gamers comfortably!

Ok, so what does this mean? For a start unless you have been living in a box for the last year or so, a Hummer is the ultimate people magnet. Ever since the word 'bling' was invented, and the likes of David Beckham were spotted in a shiny new US imported Hummer, guys have gone 'hubba hubba' over the ultimate status symbol 'it' car. Then when you see crowds of people escalating outside of the Hummer to see people battling it out playing the latest game titles it sure creates a big buzz. To play on a games console outside is one thing, but to play on one from the back of a Hummer creates an unforgettable experience!

As a relatively new and fast emerging Promotional vehicle company HummerHummer look to complement the same high profile client base in the games market as they are enduring in the Promotional vehicle field already providing their services for the likes of O2, Atlantic Warner, Endemol Productions, Hilton group, Chrysalis and other major players.

HummerHummer co-founder and Marketing manager Richard Silvester explained:

"In today's highly competitive youth market we believe the Promotional vehicles we create are unbeatable for the Gaming market, they make product launches and communications campaigns groundbreaking. They are also a great way of gaining new console and gaming reactions from street level, not only does it increase the gaming experience, it also provides a great new avenue to entice new gamers to the market.

We will ensure that brand awareness and advertising campaigns can be fully tailored and themed with maximum impact whether the cars are moving or stationary. Our cars make everyone grab their camera phones - it's the real X factor!"

Perhaps the current buzz around HummerHummer is due to meticulous planning, the customisation of the interior and exterior, perhaps the uniqueness of its build quality and fully interactive entertainment features, or possibly down to its experienced in-house promotional team who are on-call if and when required. Nothing has been compromised in the pursuit of pure Gaming pleasure.

HummerHummer are based at the Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham B9 4AA.

For further editorial information, company history, images, or to ask for a demonstration, set up a competition or an interview with Richard or Andrew Silvester please call 0870 321 2332, email or visit

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