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Last of the three races revealed: the Darklings!

Darklings Concept

Created by darkness and magma, the Darklings are one of the elder races of Equiada. Given the skill to shape stone at will, they raise massive buildings of black rock anywhere on the earth's surface.

Unlike the other races, the Darklings have remained unchanged since their creation. Even now their theocratic society still follows the teachings the old gods. Recent changes in Equiada, however, combined with the other races' thirst for power and domination, have forced the Darklings to once again make their presence in the incoming conflict. A war is about to begin...

Resource Gathering

Darklings gather their resources directly from mineral deposits using Purifiers for gold, and Crystal Spires for gems. Once these immense structures are in place, a constant flow of resources starts flying straight to your Town Hall.


Darklings do not require buildings to inhabit; instead they need something to act as their link to the world so that they can maintain their current shape. This link takes the form of a Soulwatcher - a flying creature that cannot fight, but because of its powers can reveal invisible foes.

Health Regeneration

Using the powers given by the old gods and the link with the land of Equiada all Darkling units and Champions are able to recover from even the most serious wounds with time.

The Kingdoms are about to rise!

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