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In case you haven't been keeping up with our new sister site,, here are some of the news and feature highlights from the world of wireless gaming over the past four weeks.

In case you haven't been keeping up with our new sister site,, here are some of the news and feature highlights from the world of wireless gaming over the past four weeks, presented in a handy digest form.


O2 launches i-mode in the UK
It's been the backbone of Japan's mobile content market for years, and now i-mode is finally here in the UK; we take a look at the service and chat to some of the key players behind what O2 hopes will be a content revolution.

Lincoln Wallen on EA's wireless commitment
The entry of EA into the mobile gaming space is widely seen as a hugely positive sign by the industry; we sat down with the company's mobile division CTO to find out more about its commitment to the sector and how it sees wireless gaming developing in the coming years.

Mobile gaming shines at the Tokyo Games Show
The Japanese mobile games market has often been regarded with envious eyes by the rest of the world - but as this year's Tokyo Games Show proved, the sector is still growing as a massive pace and attracting increasing interest from gamers and non-gamers alike.

A look back over two and a half years of Nokia's N-Gage
As Nokia reaffirmed its support for the N-Gage platform with the announcement of a raft of new software titles last month, we looked back over the chequered history of the company's brave experiment with a dedicated mobile gaming platform.


David Gosen takes over as CEO at I-Play
Former Nintendo Europe boss David Gosen has stepped up to the chief executive's seat at mobile game publisher I-Play, after long-serving executive Brian Greasley announced his departure from the company.

GameLoft is Europe's fourth-fastest growing company
Business Week has placed mobile game publisher and developer GameLoft fourth in its ranking of Europe's 500 fastest-growing companies, as third quarter results reveal massive growth for the firm.

Telefonica offers GBP 18 billion for UK carrier O2
Spanish telecommunications firm Telefonica looks set to take over one of the UK's biggest carriers after beating offers from rivals including Deutsche Telekom and KPN.

3 launches real-time multiplayer mobile games
UK mobile network 3 has announced a partnership with mobile publisher Synergenix which will see pay-per-play mobile multiplayer games launching in the region for the first time.

New European VP for InfoSpace
Former PlayStation marketing boss Alan Welsman has joined mobile content firm InfoSpace as VP of European product management and marketing, moving across from Orange where he was head of entertainment.

IN-FUSIO launches the EGE mobile gaming platform
The next-generation mobile gaming platform EGE has been launched on Orange in France and the UK, with creators IN-FUSIO positioning the technology as a key way to make accessing games and community functionality easier than ever before.

US mobile games market to hit $2.1 billion by 2009
Market research experts PriceWaterhouseCoopers have released their latest research into the games market, predicting that mobile gaming will be one of the fastest-growing sectors of the entertainment business in North America in the next four years.

EA and Vodafone announce new game partnership
FIFA, The Sims and Need for Speed are on their way to Vodafone Live! Users across Europe, Africa and Australasia, thanks to a new deal with leading publisher Electronic Arts.

MFORMA gets $30 million in third round funding
Global mobile publisher and distributor MFORMA secures new institutional financing to expand its marketing and product development efforts.

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