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Las Vegas Casino Party

Fifteen mini-games to play alone or en masse.

Game Life, an independent French video games producing company, comes with a surprising and original game concept: Las Vegas Casino Party, an interactive « Casinopoly » made for the whole family.

Las Vegas Casino Party gathers fifteen of the most fun and popular casino games : slot machines, video poker, craps, blackjack, roulette… and many more !

Take your character to the top through the world famous Las Vegas’ Strip

Choose your character between 10 parodic and cartoonish players : the little grandma glued to her slot machine, the blackjack table’s « geek »… Throw the dices with your Wiimote and make your character progress from space to space on the world famous Strip, especially transformed into a board game.

Each casino mini game is played in parodic « remakes » of Vegas’ most famous hotels into quality 3D cartoon graphics.

Las Vegas Casino Party is playable from 1 to 4 players, whether in the « board game » mode or in Quick Play, where all the casino games are available immediately.

Try to win big with your family, friend, or solo!

Available in November 2009

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