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Larry Shapiro named Oddworld president

Former Brash exec links up with Lorne Lanning and Sherry McKenna

Larry Shapiro, formerly the chief creative officer at Brash Entertainment, has been named president of Oddworld Inhabitants, the company established in 1994 and responsible for the Oddworld-based games.

Although the official website still lists Lorne Lanning as president, he will move aside to focus completely on the creative side of his role, according to Variety.

"No one is more in stride with us than Larry. We both see the same future landscape," said Lanning. "It's a petty radical departure from the contemporary landscape. While we think there's a number of barriers to break through, we think there are tremendous opportunities on the other side of the barrier."

Meanwhile Shapiro added: "I have a great opportunity to add value to a company and to work with people who I am inspired by and who look to where the industry is going and not where it's been. We intend to break the model of where games are today in a unique and entertaining way."

It's also thought that the animated movie Oddworld Inhabitants was working on with Vanguard Entertainment - Citizen Siege - is no longer in production, but that the appointment of Shapiro is a likely indicator that the company is working on new videogame titles.