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«Diver: Deep Water Adventures»: this adventure will draw you under the water

The first diving simulator's development in Russia "Diver: Deep Water Adventures" is finished. Its creator - "Biart" company informs us that game will appear in the nearest months in the shops of Russia, France and Germany. But at the moment company considers possibilities to distribute the "Diver: DWA" in the other countries.

The originality of the game is in fact that it was created not by programmers or scenario editors but real divers, who know in details what one can see during the immersion, and what events can happen during it. Because of it specific attention was paid to authenticity of the game: before the gamer in "Diver: DWA" can become a professional diver he should finish the courses successfully and receive a certificate. And after that, sinking into the secrets of the oceans diver shouldn't forget about purchases and repairs of the equipment, filling the ship with fuel, financial conditions, and air supply.

The next underwater missions represent the real places and events. For example in one of the tasks diver will be forced to moor in the Kattegat channel to seek and lift the documents from the sunken submarine of Second World War times. Nevertheless, authenticity plays its role, but the dynamic and exciting scenario makes the game not simply a simulator, but a fantastic adventure, the culmination of which will the exploration of the Atlantis secret
At the moment there's 18 minutes video on the web-site of the company with the demonstration of the game's opportunities.

Look-and-feel the features of "Diver: DWA":

  • The complex diving simulator
  • Strategy/action mixture
  • 2 types of the game: arcade and simulator
  • The training system and video courses
  • A possibility to explore the real sunken ships
  • The real diving sites
  • The real equipment of the leading trade marks
  • Ability of lift the treasures
  • Giant sea predators' hunting
  • The possibility to make photos underwater
  • Night and day immersions, the change of day and night

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