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Lanning reveals 'politically controversial' game

In addition to its continued development of the Oddworld brand, Oddworld Inhabitants is looking to produce another title which focuses on Earth in the near future and deals with issues like "martial law and the diminishment of civil liberties," president and creative director Lorne Lanning has revealed.

Target formats and a possible release date are unknown, although Lanning admits that the team has unspecified plans for next-gen formats including Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3, but it sounds like the prospect of wielding the medium to deliver a message is more important to Lanning at this point.

"It's going to be politically controversial," he said of the project, currently codenamed Citizen Siege, and "contextually relevant to the [current] culture".

"I expect that if we're blessed enough to see it through that there'll be quite a few senators and congressmen who'll be really pissed off," Lanning told "And I hope they are, because we're really pissed off at their behaviour."

Expect to hear more about Citizen Siege in due course. In the more immediate future, Oddworld Inhabitants plans to ship Oddworld Stranger's Wrath on Xbox sometime in 2005, with EA performing publishing duties.

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