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Land of Legends Healed For d6+1!

Lunch Break Style Fantasy Strategy Game Patched To Version 1.20!

News Release For Immediate Release Hampstead, NC, 06 July 2006 In the eternal struggle between good and evil, between light and darkness, between Star Trek and Star Wars, sometimes the gods see that the careful balance has not been maintained, or perhaps mistakes have been made. In these cases what is wrong is righted, whether through a celestial messenger, a powerful artifact of legend, or the continuing downward spiral of both series into faded oblivion. In the case of a computer game though corrections are slightly easier to make, coming in the form of patches. So please welcome the version 1.20 patch for Land of Legends! We'll provide the file, you'll have to provide your own triumphant music and ray of pure light shining down from the heavens Developer Tiny Hero Game Studios, the Seattle-based team behind Land of Legends, has been carefully listening to fans of their game since its release, and so the 1.20 patch does more than just fix a couple of bugs, it boasts several new features and changes that gamers will really appreciate. Additionally, the demo has been updated to match the current state of the full retail game, ensuring that those trying out the game will be able to fully appreciate what the full game offers. In fact, now demo players can play online! The full listing of fixes, new features, and changes can be found on the Land of Legends download page, but here are the highlights: (Fixed) Sometimes saves and loads in a campaign mission would change map terrain types, this has been corrected. (Fixed) Online game maps are now properly limited by player levels. (Balance Change) Ogre units have had their armor and hit points reduced, while their cost has gone up slightly. (New Feature) 1.20 demo players can play online, and missions completed in version 1.20 of the demo will be marked as completed when the full version is purchased. (New Feature) In the online lobby folks can now see which players are currently in a game. (Change) Number pad is now supported. (New Maps) Two new skirmish/multiplayer maps. And much more... This is a major patch! The patch, along with the updated demo, can be downloaded at: Land of Legends is the exciting, easy to play, turn-based fantasy game of fantastic races battling on colorful maps for domination. Perfect for all types of gamers, Land of Legends is a "lunch break" game, with a typical scenario playable in under an hour. For the single-player gamer the game includes a lengthy campaign, and a skirmish mode. For the multi-player gamer Land of Legends offers a built-in Internet matchmaking utility, allowing quick and easy pick-up games. While simple in execution, Land of Legends is a game of cunning tactics and sly strategy. Combatants are not cookie-cutter in nature, boasting over seventy unique abilities amongst them. Discovering all the possible uses (and misuses!) of your forces is something that will keep you coming back to the game again and again. Land of Legends, for the Windows operating system, is available now for purchase through the Shrapnel Games e-store, the Gamers Front ( Be sure to stop by our website,, for more information on this title or any of our other award-winning games. For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol at: To visit our company blog go to For all other information, please contact: Timothy W. Brooks P.O. Box 488 Hampstead, NC 28443-0488
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