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Land Air Sea Warfare

RTS launches version 2.0.

Dec 9th 2010 - Indie developer Isotope 244 is pleased to announce Land Air Sea Warfare v2.0 is now available for Mac & Windows.  The new version contains over 1000 changes since the previous release!  Thanks to it being on many platforms the game is now easier to play and more stable than ever before, and now supports four languages.

Product Description

Command a force of thousands of units into strategic warfare in this new real time strategy game.  Fortify your base with turrets, surface to air missile launchers, torpedo launchers, and long range cannons.  Next create factories to pump out enormous legions of vehicles, aircraft, and ships to wage war with, you decide what to build.  Form groups with the easy to use grouping interface and transport units to prepare for an assault on the enemy!  Finally execute your strategic battle plan and enjoy the immense carnage that ensues.  With unique explosions, wreckages, sound effects, and animations for every unit the carnage is as beautiful as it is deadly.

Discover and mine unique resources to build gigantic mega units which can turn the tides of war instantly!

As the commander of a massive war campaign you can navigate stealth aircraft and submarines on recon missions, airlift units into the fight via helis, scout tread marks left by enemy tanks to their base, and hide under trees for an ambush attack.  You can expand your city with over 100 structures and units to choose from.  As your empire grows you can research technologies to guide the focus of your strategy.  Dominate on all types of terrain, send aircraft to bombard the enemy to weaken its infrastructure, control the shores with a naval fleet of ships and subs, and transport units into the fight to finish the mission!  You can even manufacture and launch game changing weapons such as ICBMs.

Land Air Sea Warfare features a random map system so every game you play is unique and poses new challenges.  There are also several victory types and settings to customize the game and provide fresh missions.  After each battle detailed statistics are displayed showing the how the tides of war changed for each player.

Major Changes

New tactical map, it's a full screen map with detailed icons so you can have an immediate overhead view of the whole battle with more details than the mini map can provide. You can do everything in the tactical map you can do in the game, select units, group, move, attack, build and place units, queue factories. New feature Elite units that gain experience levels with more kills and display medals based on level and tech. New feature Newts can now convert enemy units! New T1 AA defensive unit GAAM Many AI updates and changes to make it smarter, and harder on Robotic setting French, German, and Italian translations now included! New orders menu with icons, order descriptions, and new commands such as follow and salvage a unit Easier to use interface. Click and hold to set groups and double click to quickly view groups. Massive performance increases, 42% increase in blended water rendering speed, 30-40% increase fog rendering speed New feature to display health bars when units are attacked Moving multiple units at once now moves the units while holding the same formation they started with (if the units start close together) On large displays the game no longer draws fillers on bottom sides for a better view of the game Unit balancing for many units

"L.A.S.W. has everything, from stealth bombers and submarines to hovercraft and mega-tanks. It even has ICBM for the unitiated to bring wrath of God onto your opponents."  Touch My Apps

"If you've played games like Stratego, Risk, or Age of Empires, you will love this amazingly immersive RTS"  iPhone Life Magazine


Command six new gigantic mega units. Highly optimized game engine runs great even on netbooks Direct new ships, subs, and a full naval armament. Launch all new ICBM and defense systems. Use the new technology research system. New voices for units, over 250 fun remarks. New voice system warns you of attacks and resource shortages. Learn the game with new integrated help system and tooltips. Challenge the new AI featuring several attack modes and strategies. Navigate stealth fighter aircraft and submarines. Attack with new laser and electric shock weapons. Construct defensive shields and walls. New volcanic terrain type to play on. Learn more with the new loading screen featuring unit and tech info and game play tips. Customize the game with the new mutator feature so you can play with only ground units, only sea units, etc. Win at each of six new victory conditions such as Team Traitors, Arms Race, The Mega Project, etc. Use the new radar system with upgraded display option to track enemy positions. Command new transport carriers to quickly move vehicles and ships. Research new technologies including Secret Agents and Intelligence Service. Watch the new aircraft with realistic flight patterns. Discover ten new map types. Enjoy ten new music tracks.


Product Info & Pricing

Title: Land Air Sea Warfare

Genre: Real Time Strategy Game

Platform: Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPod, iPad Release Date: December 3, 2010 Mac & Windows Price: $19.95 iPhone Price: $4.99 iPad Price: $9.99

Game Webpage

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iPhone Version

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Keyword Tags

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Land Air Sea Warfare is also available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Mobile.

About Isotope 244

Since 1997 Isotope 244 has been a one man indie company developing games.

Isotope 244 was started due to their love of programming, gaming, and art.

Recently Isotope 244 has been working on their latest game Land Air Sea Warfare for the last two years.  In the past Isotope 244 created award winning games such as Machines at War, Atomic Cannon, Acky's XP Breakout, and Atomic Battle Dragons.


James Bryant

Desktop System Requirements

Windows XP or later

Mac OS X 10.2 or later

133 MB storage space

256 MB free memory

iOS Requirements

iPhone, iPod, iPad

iOS v2.0 or later

40 MB storage space (97 MB for HD version) 

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