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Land-a Panda

Save the pandas by helping them find true love.

LONDON, UK - December 14th 2010 - Leading independent games developer Big Pixel Studios today announced details of their latest iOS title, Land-a Panda.

It's common knowledge that pandas can have a lot of trouble finding a mate. What most people don't know is the main cause of these problems - female pandas seem to like sitting on small platforms far out of reach of any male pandas! This innovative physics based puzzle game will give players the task of saving the worlds panda population, by ensuring that male and female pandas get together.

An exclusive teaser trailer can be viewed here:

Land-a Panda has a unique blend of puzzle and action based game play, allowing players to navigate their way through a series of different cannons, obstacles, enemies, and pickups in order to reach the end goal. Due for release early in 2011 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Land-a Panda will come packed with a multitude of different levels set across four different worlds, retina display graphics, OpenFeint and Game Center integration, and much, much more.

Additional details will be revealed over the coming weeks. Follow @BigPixelStudios to get up to date news.

About Big Pixel Studios

A UK-based leading independent games developer, specialising in original and intuitive games for iOS and the Web. Formed by a small group of industry experts, the team have worked with Disney, Jetix, Electronic Arts, Comedy Central, BBC, ITV, C4 and BSKYB.



Twitter: @BigPixelStudios  

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