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Kylotonn terminates Bet On Soldier deal with Digital Jesters

Paris-based developer Kylotonn Entertainment has announced that it is seeking a new publisher for PC FPS title Bet On Soldier, after terminating its publishing agreement for the game with UK firm Digital Jesters.

In a statement issued directly to the media this week, Kylotonn CEO Roman Vincent claims that Digital Jesters "has committed a number of breaches of contract", including non-payment and other breaches.

Vincent believes that the rights to Bet On Soldier remain with the developer, and is now seeking a new publisher for the title in the UK and North America. Digital Jesters declined to comment on Kylotonn's statement.

Bet On Solider was released at the end of September, but despite being promoted relatively heavily by Digital Jesters, has failed to achieve significant commercial or critical success since its launch.

Digital Jesters, meanwhile, has been at the centre of some controversy in recent months, after experiencing some financial problems over the summer. Marketing director Leo Zullo told last month that a new investment had allowed the company to "overcome our difficulties", and described Digital Jesters' financial position as "110 per cent" secure.

However, two weeks later a group of developers who had worked for the publisher - Frogwares, Cyanide, Nadeo and Focus Home Interactive - issued a joint statement threatening legal action over issues including the sale of products in territories where DJs did not own the licenses and non-payment of monies owed for older products.

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