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Kuso Party

Social networking game embracing "all types of camp and parody".

June 13th 2009 – Run Up Game has officially announced the publishing right for the revolutionary social networking game – Kuso Party.

Kuso is the term used in East Asia for the internet culture that generally includes all types of camp and parody. The definition of kuso was brought into Taiwan in around 2000 by young people who frequent Japanese websites and quickly became an internet phenomenom, spreading to Hong Kong and the rest of China.

Kuso Party is the latest revolution of social network; making friends while having fun. Its comes with over hundreds of simple game which challenges players' reflex, intelligence and humor. Other than playing games, it comes with a house system whereby players can furnish their houses with photo album and thousands of furnitures to choose from.

Kuso Party revolutionize social networking from website to online game, providing the convenience of making friends without the browser, entering the new era of social networking online game.

Kuso Party Features:

Thousands of hilarious and mindless entertaining games for relaxation

Search function to find your ideal soulmate, schoolmates, colleagues and many more people from your circle of life

 Housing system allowing players to decorate their houses, gaining popularity through the number of visits and many fun features within the housing system.

 Create or join a family specially for your circle of friends or members whom shared a common interest, sharing news and information within the family or society.

 Join and play as a couple to enjoy the couple benefits such as bonus experience and unique couple acknowledgement.

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Official Website:


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