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Testing begins on cloud gaming technology solution.

Paris, February 4 2011

KUSANAGI is developed in cooperation with the Institut Telecom. The first tests will take place in the coming two months on the THD experimentation high-speed broadband platform in Paris. Orange Labs, a partner of PLAY ALL, will follow up with tests on its own network in the second quarter of 2011.

Thanks to the European, telecom-oriented CELTIC program, to which Darkwork is a member along with EUREVA, Orange and the Institut Telecom, the PLAY ALL engine now integrates its own Cloud Gaming technology. KUSANAGI enables the broadcast and real-time feedback of video games and audiovisual contents, suppressing the threshold to access high definition 3D contents.

Under the concept of Cloud Gaming, several video game virtualization solutions have been recently announced, freeing consumers from the burden of fastidious downloading of increasingly larger files. Cloud Gaming technologies smoothly adapt the flux to the user’s broadband capacities to offer consumers the best possible experience at any given time. With KUSANAGI and PLAYALL, gamers and the larger public will be able to access to such services through a wide variety of connected devices. KUSANAGI enables the real time transmission of the gamer’s commands to the server where the game is hosted as well as the corresponding video feedback.

This disruptive technology allows to significantly widening the market for high definition 3D contents and will allow continuity of content and services use across devices. Initially developed with video games in mind, this transversal technology also addresses the needs of other industries such as professional simulations, 3D broadcast animation and professional visualization.

The THD high speed broadband experimentation platform, financed by a number of partners that includes the City of Paris, has been set up to allow established technology companies and start ups alike to test new uses of broadband and to foster technological innovation.

About Darkworks

Darkworks S.A. is a leading French company in the dual field of video game technologies and content development. Founded in 1998 and led by Antoine Villette and Guillaume Gouraud, Darkworks is managing the PLAYALL project.


PLAY ALL is an integrated video game and interactive content development solution designed for the next generation of connected digital entertainment devices. The PLAYALL consortium is steered by Darkworks and KYLOTON.

About THD

The THD high speed broadband experimentation platform offers a set of technical resources and tools to help technology companies to prototype and test their innovative online services and contents on fiber optics, high speed broadband networks.


Guillaume GOURAUD

General Manager, Darkworks S.A.


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