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Kungfu Legend

Launches closed beta tomorrow in Singapore, Malaysia and Philipines, with Mandarin or English options.

Kungfu Legend, developed by BL interactive and co-published by COG and CilyGame will soon reach the shores of Singapore, Malaysia and Philipines. The first closed beta is scheduled to launch on the 24 th December 2010, 12pm +8GMT. In order to welcome a multi-language community within Kungfu Legend, a cross language system is implemented whereby players have the ability to select mandarin or English as their base language.

Kungfu Legend is a fast pace action dungeon based game combined with special moves in a 3D arcade side scrolling environment. Players team up to enter different dungeons and are rewarded based on their performance in the dungeon as well as the difficulty. Within Kungfu Legend, players can choose up to 3 basic classes with the 6 cute manga characters. The developer also states that more classes will be implemented in the near future.

Players roam around using few basic keys which are the Z, X, C and the arrow keys  to roam the lovely Peach Blossom Village. With ease of the controlling system, players can easily find team mates and friends to challenge each bosses or event battle among friends! Also equipped with the ease to use special moves, players just need to use a single button to turn the tide!

Other than leveling and hunting items, Kungfu Legend is packed with different features such as:

·         Special Feature Skills: Experience the comical effect when using special skills on monster and opponents.

·         Comical Voice over: Comical voice over from famous Japanese comic character and also Stephen Chow’s unique movie voice over.

·         PVP System: Other than just leveling basic levels, players are able to gain PVP experience and fame through the PVP system. These martial rank enable players to purchase unique PVP equipments.

·         Instant Messenger: An instant messenger integrated into the game system providing convenience of communication between friends.

·         Marriage System: This relationship enhancement system allows players of different gender to take an oath in a specially design environment, sworn as a couple. Upon completion of marriage, players are rewarded with special title and rewarded with a couple clothing.

·         Guild System: A default guild is available within the system whereby new players are able to join and interact. As players reach a high level, they can also form their own guild. Guilds can be leveled up through member’s donation thus unlocking new guild features.

·         Item Crafting: Items can be hunted or crafted. When an item is unusable, they can be disassembled into materials. Using these new materials obtained through disassembling items, more new items can be crafted out recycling the unusable ones.

·         Item Embedding: This enhances item’s ability and visual effects. With a higher level item, it unlocks special attribute and effects.

·         Fashion Clothing: These are the clothes that give players an identity of their own. No more running around in a map with 101 players with the same clothing.

·         PVE & PVP Quest: There are plenty of quest for players to participate and challenge, ranging from PVE to PVP. When players encounter repeated quest, rewards are given randomly through the system hence there is always something new.

Kungfu Legend is a simple to learn 3D action game with many exciting features for players to explore. Most importantly, it is free-to-play. In conjunction with Christmas season, Kungfu Legend is pushing its closed beta date to the 24 th December for players to enjoy a sneak peep this festive season. Many exciting events are prepared for players to participate!

For more information about Kungfu Legend, please visit the official website at http://www.kungfulegend.com  

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