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Kung Fu Teacher

Action puzzler devised by four Australian students, available for free download.


BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - October 19, 2010 - A CUP launches website and screenshots for, and Version

1.0 of its new action/puzzle game, KUNG FU TEACHER.

KUNG FU TEACHER places players in the role of Lucy, a mathematics teacher and top agent of the Education Department's mysterious Special Division. Sent to the self-proclaimed “worst school in the district”, Lucy must attempt to teach a bevy of bored students mathematical formulas, all the while fending off attacks from the horde of miscreants.

Featuring two distinct, but intertwined play styles, KUNG FU TEACHER is an innovative take on the puzzle genre, pitting players against the clock as they attempt the dual tasks of completing puzzles and defending themselves from students.

Feature Set

- Engaging scenario, with amusing characters.

- Fully-featured 2D action/puzzle game makes up only half of the game.

- FPS-style “defence” mode allows players to block attacks from students and retaliate in short order.

- Points-based purchasing system, allowing players to buy new and exciting methods of attack and defence.

- Colourful cartoon graphics.

Release and Pricing Information

KUNG FU TEACHER is available for Microsoft Windows now for download from

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