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Kung-Fu LIVE

Free demo available from the PlayStation Network.


10 th January 2011

A few too many Christmas cookies last month? A piece of pie here, a gallon of gravy there… Did you overload on carbs just before New Year’s, promising yourself that 2011 was the year you’d get off of the couch and finally get in shape? Gamers know that fitness games are nothing new, and many of them have a closet full of gadgets and bathroom-scale gizmos collecting dust to prove it. Calories may have been burned before, but so have the gamers.  Why spend hours in front of the TV pretending you’re at a real gym, when you can JUMP twenty feet in the air, shoot LIGHTING from your fingertips at baddies, SHAKE THE GROUND with the fury of fifty sumo wrestlers, or FREEZE TIME long enough to land a hundred punches square in the face of an evil ninja – all while SWEATING OUT those holiday treats like you’ve been running a marathon in the Mojave Desert?

For owners of the PlayStation ®3 computer entertainment system, thankfully, a solution has finally arrived, and they can now experience a free demo on PlayStation®Network of the hilarious, over-the-top workout intensity for themselves…

Kung-Fu LIVE , from Finland–based independent game developer Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd., transforms everyday gamers into real life kung-fu action heroes. With their advanced FreeMotion ® technology, players can finally put themselves directly into the action when they download the game onto the PS3™.

In its review of the game, GamePro lauded its sense of ridiculousness, saying “Some games are unintentionally goofy, and some, like Kung-Fu LIVE, intentionally cultivate the goof.” Gaming site Joystiq also praised its serious workout appeal, saying “All this wild fist-to-face action will leave you soaked with sweat -- no joke, this is a very physical game that will tax your heart and muscles.”

Kung-Fu LIVE has been published independently by Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd., and provides a fast, fun, and action-packed experience while ushering in a new era of full-body motion gaming. Kung-Fu LIVE is available now on PlayStation®Network for just £ 10.99 GBP. The all-new demo for Kung-Fu LIVE is also available for download now at no cost in both North America and Europe.

For more information about Kung-Fu LIVE , please visit or look for more details on the Facebook page for Virtual Air Guitar Company, and be sure to follow the game on Twitter.  For more information on Virtual Air Guitar Company, please visit


For more press information on Virtual Air Guitar Company and Kung Fu Live, contact:

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