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Kung Foo!

Closed beta event details.

CBT, the time of testing and messing around in the game is nearly over, Yes, it is nearly over. To give back to the community we are hosting a variety of events for CBT.

Fashion Party

The first event, the Fashion Party will be happening tomorrow at 3 PM PST. Grab your favorite fashion items from the mall and show up! For more information check out the post here:

Wait, to get stuff from the mall you need Foo Funds. Have no fear, all players will be receiving Foo Funds once they log back into the game after maintenance. Shop till you drop everybody.

Monster Invasion

Just because this is a Closed Beta doesn't mean everybody is safe. Monsters will magically appearing out of thin air to cause havoc on Friday. The Time and Location has yet to be announced, but be ready.

Free Loot

Hopefully by now everybody knows that the server will be wiped after Closed Beta. So no more shiny gears and cute pets in Open Beta to start out with right? Wrong! While the wipe will happen, everybody in Closed Beta will be receiving an awesome Lolligator Transformation to use in Open Beta. The transformation lasts for 30 days after first use, and it’s a Lolligator!

Sweet Wolf

Besides the free Transformation, everybody who reaches level 40 will be getting a pet for Closed Beta. The pet is a nice and sweet wolf who hide beneath a sheep skin. I must say, this wolf is extremely cute, and will make an awesome pet to show off in Open beta. Closed Beta will end next Wednesday, January 20th.

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