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Kudos: Rock Legend released

For Immediate Release

Kudos : Rock Legend, the turn-based rock-band-tycoon game is now on sale, and a free demo is available. Rock Legend is a game 'in a similar style' but not directly a straight sequel to the turn-based sims-style game 'Kudos' ( KRL puts you in the position of the inger in a rock/pop band. It's up to you to take your band from nobodies to megastars by writing songs, booking gigs, managing the band and recording albums.

Rock Legend has some mini games in it to reflect your bands practicing and songwriting. performing great gigs, hiring new band members and seeing your rival bands play all help to 'unlock' new songwriting ideas you can use in your own tracks. The game plays as a time-based strategy game where you have to invest the right balance into promotion, rehearsal, recreation and music practice to put on the best possible gigs and build up your audience.

There are screenshots here:

On the games website ( There is also a free 26 MB demo of the game available ( The game is currently on sale direct from the developer, and retail and other online publishing deals will be announced soon. A downloaded version of the full game is $22.95. The game was developed by ex-lionhead AI programmer Cliff Harris.

Press kit:

Cliff Harris


229 Guildford Road



GU18 5RE

United Kingdom

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