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Kryzer Prologue

Lite version available to sample.

Back in May 2009, FDG Entertainment launched KRYZER, a whole new stunning rotational action shooter experience for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Finally, a free lite version has been released! Get ready for an awesome experience and download your copy of KRYZER lite now.

With only minimal input movements, it’s your job to control the flight path of an inter-dimensional cyberspace glider as it confronts endless foes in a 360° field of play. KRYZER combines arcade action and innovation and generates a whole new gaming ambience! A banging electronic soundtrack and stylish 2D graphics round up the whole experience.

At the same time, the full version of KRYZER is available for the sale price of just $0.99 again.

This isn’t going to be a solo experience: You can measure yourself against other KRYZER players on an international high score list.

Video Trailer:


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