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Kotick: Loss of UK games tax aid "a terrible mistake"

"So many other places" with incentives, claims Activision boss

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has once again criticised the UK government's decision to cancel planned tax relief for the games industry.

"I think it was a terrible mistake," he told the Telegraph. "There are so many other places that are encouraging the videogames industry."

The Telegraph interpreted this as a hint that Activision 'could quit Britain', though did not publish any statements from Kotick to that effect. The publisher currently employs around 600 staff in its Slough office, though has put Liverpool's Bizarre Creations on 90-day notice, with closure likely if a buyer is not found.

The reasons for the coalition government's decision to reverse earlier pledges to bring about tax breaks have perhaps not been made entirely clear.

Culture minister Ed Vaizey recently suggested that the industry was not in accord on the matter, while last month saw the revelation that ELSPA was uncomfortable with elements of the proposal.

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