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Kotick earned $15 million in 2008

Activision Blizzard CEO takes home $900,000 salary, plus $5 million bonus

Activision Blizzard's president and CEO Robert Kotick earned USD 15 million in 2008, according to a Forbes profile.

The business website lists a breakdown of Kotick's compensation for 2008, which incorporates a salary of USD 899,560, a bonus of USD 5 million and option awards totalling almost USD 6 million. Overall, his earnings amounted to USD 14,950,102.

During a Q2 earnings conference call last week, the exec joked he would like to see game prices set even higher than the GBP 55 price point the next Call of Duty game will release at.

The publisher reported higher-than-expected revenues of over USD 1 billion for the three months to the end of June this year.

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