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Korean games industry

Korean government launches global PR drive.

Korean government, in a bid to support game industry whose pivotal role is expected for future contents business, has begun to take aggressive PR activities including making and distributing UCC aimed to make advertisement concerning the contents business and Korean games.

First of all, the government has developed a project to introduce games of small-and medium-sized game developers overseas through 'Global Service Platform(GSP).' The games of these game developers selected by this GSP project have been serviced to users of the world through the game portal site Game&Game, which has been directly operated by Korean government.

The first UCC has provided easy explanation on GSP system. As this is the supportive project relating to games, this UCC interestingly describes fight between two users enjoying games. This UCC, having a story that a female user who is in fight with a stronger counterpart gains help in a gradual manner and finally overcomes difficulties, implicitly shows the process that endangered small-and medium-sized game developers finally achieve good performance thanks to assistance of GSP.

The second UCC is composed of a story that users around the world are enjoying games made in Korea. This implies that Korean games have been advanced amid active support by the government, and these games will be further developed, and gain affection of the people around the world.

Meanwhile, Korean government will promote various projects including GSP, operation of the global hub center, holding of an international game competition GNGWC, etc, and make utmost efforts for development of Korean game industry.   

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