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Korean games at GC

GNGWC 2008 leg staged in Leipzig, featuring Silk Road Online, Shot Online, Atlantica Online and Navy Field.

GC 2008 is the largest European game exhibition. GC had GNGWC 2008 during its exhibition which was a Korean game tournament participated by gamers from all over the world. Korean games had a great opportunity to establish a good reputation.

GNGWC 2008 was held on 21st in GC exhibition hall. It had its regional finals including Online Silk Road and three other games. GNGWC also had a program to advertise leading Korean online games.

A great number of gamers and audience were excited about Korean online games. Gamers displayed their abilities during the competition. Regional players who have been selected on GNGWC will move onto final to strive for world championship that is held in November, in Korea.

Especially, among the preliminary participants, two players from the same guild among the three European representative players made to the finals for Shot Online. These two players respectively ranked the first and third place after showing confidence during the preliminary and regional finals. The first placed player is a guild master of a famous guild that has many prominent players. He made to the finals last year as well, but unfortunately, he could not participate because of personal reasons. He is determined to win the championship to compensate his loss last year.

It’s been a surprise that Joymax’s SilkRoad Online had a player who reached the finals twice in a row since last year. He was one of the European representative players who ranked fourth place last year in the final championship. It will be interesting to watch his play and how he will turn out this year. A 20-year-old guy, who got the first place at the regional finals, is getting a great attention. He has been guild master who is leading 36 guild members and he has been playing Silk Road for the past three and a half years.

Atlantica has offered service in Europe for less than a month, however, it already has more than a thousand players who participated the preliminary. 16 players competed at the regional finals to get two tickets to Korea. A 23-year-old Polish student won the finals with a great strategy and this was a big surprise even to the staffs. He said he is glad to have an opportunity to compete with experienced Korean players. He also showed a strong determination to do his best.

As expected, German clans swept the Navy Field matches. BoB and HSF clans respectively ranked first and second place and made to the finals.

BoB clan has won the online preliminary. It is a powerful team having members with more than two years of experiences in playing Navy Field.

Sven Hertwig, from BoB said, “Darkside clan who ranked third has been the most difficult rival.” He emphasized that the key to victory was a strong teamwork and gave credits to his team members.

He also said that he wants to match against Korean and Japanese team, the winning candidates, in Korea.

These players who made to the finals will battle against each other in November, Korea, the final battle ground.

Director Kwon Taekmin from Korean Software Promotion Agency which is hosting the tournament said, “The European regional finals have promoted outstanding Korean online games to the world market. We will do our best to make Korean online games establish a firm place in the expanding European online market.”

Meanwhile, regional final match in Singapore will be held in Singapore Polytech University on September 6(Saturday.) Each game company is actively carrying out their online preliminary rounds.

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