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KongKong Online – The Jumping Race! Ready to jump on your PC?

GameMediaNetworks brings one of the most entertaining online free-to-play games to Europe!

GameMediaNetworks, digital arm of the Digital Bros Group "a game entertainment company", announces that it has opened access to the beta phase of KongKong Online - The Jumping Race exclusively for Europe.

KongKong Online - The Jumping Race, developed by Mega Enterprise, is an online racing game that will capture users, thanks to its immediate gameplay and vibrant 3D graphic design. In less than one year from its launch in Korea, KongKong Online - The Jumping Race already has 2 million registered users.

The game play is original: funny jumping karts, armed with an array of different weapons in order to engage battles, up to 8 players in the same race, visually amazing 3D Track and an irresistible cartoon style.

You can choose between 10 original characters, 10 funny vehicles and 14 maps. In fact, tons of new characters, items for customisation and new maps will be added periodically and these can be bought in 2 different ways:

Toz (game currency) that are earnt on the different races Cash (not necessary order to play) To complete the experience of KongKong Online - The Jumping Race there will be also different game modes. You can choose the classic time trial mode (Speed Race) or Battle Race, where anything goes!

Click on this link and you can access this colourful and amazing online racing game completely FREE!

All you have to do is create an account, download the client (around 90 MB) and enter a chat room where you can meet other friends and jump with them in a jumping race!

What you are waiting for? Go try it now!


Here are three features that makes this game unique to the genre:

Toz - The in-game currency in the fantasy Toyland of KongKong Online. Compete with your friends to earn more Toz which you can use to purchase more fanciful characters and accessories in the shop.

Kanga - Ride in your very own Kanga and compete in Toyland. Every Kanga is unique so choose the right one to be your companion in this fantasy journey.

Weapons - Take out your foes (and friends alike) with an adorable array of weapons. Ranging from changing players into frogs and throwing mud, the fun never ends!

Fur further information contact:

Anna Stanford @ New Media Maze


t: 020 7097 3609

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