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Konami wins French case over Pro Evolution Soccer

Konami chalked up a timely legal win over the French National Soccer Federation last week, with news reaching us that its European arm has proven to a judge in the Paris District Court that its Pro Evolution Soccer titles do not infringe the trademarks of the Federation Francaise de Football - meaning the titles can be sold in France.

The FFF kicked off its legal battle back in 2001, when the first PES hit the streets, and based its case on its assertion that Konami illegally used player names and likenesses of the French national team, as well as the logos and strips - as a result the FFF attempted to ban the sale of the game in France.

Meanwhile, Konami conjured its own legal retort, claiming that the FFF was breaking anti-monopoly laws in granting the appropriate licensing rights of the French national team to Football France Promotion.

With the success on June 7th last week, Konami is now free to sell Pro Evolution Soccer 4 in the territory - considered to be among the leading gaming markets in Europe, behind the UK and Germany. The fourth PES is expected to hit the streets in early to mid October - normally a week or two ahead of FIFA Football, which EA itself brought forward last year.

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