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Konami's mobile line-up

Frogger Music Beats n' Bounces, Dewy's Adventure, Hellboy Mobile, Silent Hill Mobile 2 and PES 2009.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has revealed five new mobile phone titles for release this year. The quintet includes new releases starring classic Konami characters and recent IPs making their mobile debuts.

Frogger Music Beats n’ Bounces is available now and is an all-new Frogger adventure, which sees the amphibious hero taking his agility to a whole new level – but with a musical twist! As Frogger traverses the various roads, swamps, and forest locales, he can only move in time with the beat of the in-game music. The better the player can match the timing, the further Frogger will progress, earning additional rewards in the shape of edible bugs and butterflies. Featuring 10 challenging stages, Frogger Music Beats n’ Bounces marks a new chapter in the loveable hero’s lengthy gaming career.

Also available now, is a mobile version of Konami’s popular Dewy’s Adventure. Originally released for Wii, Dewy’s Adventure stars a cute water droplet who must rescue his friends from the evil Don Hedron. Set in a colourful fantasy world, players must steer Dewy across the 3D locations, in search of his friends and confronting Don Hedron’s evil allies. Thankfully, Dewy’s watery nature endows him with special powers, such as expanding into a wave to submerge foes, transform into a thunder cloud to electrocute anything in his path, or freeze into a solid block of ice and simply roll over all in his path! Dewy’s Adventure is perfectly suited to the mobile sector, and retains the simple yet effective gameplay of the Wii game via an intuitive and slick control system.

Another recent addition to the Konami portfolio and new to mobiles is Hellboy™ Mobile, which brings Mike Mignola’s demonic anti-hero to handsets in August. Spanning 12 huge stages, the player guides Hellboy as he attempts to thwart the insane schemes of his evil nemesis, Hermann Von Klempt. As New York becomes under siege from a bizarre army of inhuman assailants, Hellboy must use his ‘Right Hand of Doom’ and a wide range of weapons to battle his way through the fully interactive stages. Acting as a new chapter in the Hellboy series’ mythology, the horned hero must face ancient Indian spirits, Shamans and evil Mystics if he is to save the Big Apple.

Silent Hill Mobile 2 marks the return of one of video gaming’s most horrific and chilling franchises to the mobile market. Set in the smog-shrouded town’s decrepit hospital, players are charged with using a clever point’n’click interface to solve a series of puzzles and combating hideous creatures, as a twisting plot gradually unfolds. As the game progresses, two parallel plots gradually entwine, and the player is drawn into a dark, macabre world brought to vivid life by the game’s incredible visuals and eerie music and effects. Silent Hill Mobile 2 will be available from September.

Finally, Konami has confirmed that a mobile version of its PES 2009 football title will be released alongside the home versions in October. Following the massive success of the mobile version PES 2008, the new edition now boasts multi-player capabilities via Bluetooth. Refining the one-button control system of last year’s game, PES 2009 is a fully featured football title boasting a wide range of national and club teams, and Cup and League competitions.

Among the many improvements in PES 2009 are enhanced goalkeeper AI, while player intelligence has also been developed to match the new level of animation they enjoy. Coupled with new stadiums, a selection of unlockable bonuses and training challenges – PES 2009 marks a new high in football games for mobile.

Frogger Music Beats n’ Bounces and Dewy’s Adventure are both available for mobile now. Hellboy™ Mobile is released in August, Silent Hill Mobile 2 in September, and PES 2009 in October. For more information, please contact Steve Merrett at Voltage PR on 020 7903 5122 or email

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