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Konami plans MGS3 pre-order offer, shareholder reward

Japanese publisher Konami has announced that it will send a free copy of the premium edition of Metal Gear Solid 3 on its launch date to anyone who owns more than 100 shares in the company on September 30th.

The limited edition premium bundle will launch at Japanese retail alongside the regular MGS3 package, and will presumably contain a host of merchandise and goodies, in keeping with the usual Konami special edition boxes.

Shareholders with more than 100 shares in Konami will receive a free copy of this premium edition - which actually might make the purchase look attractive to some hardcore fans, since 100 shares will set you back around 140 Euro at current rates.

Meanwhile, the company has also announced that anyone who pre-orders MGS3 in Japan will be given a free soundtrack CD, featuring six music tracks, a music video clip and a screensaver for Windows.

At present, no final release date for Metal Gear Solid 3 has been announced, and retailers in the West have guessed at dates ranging from October through to December.

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