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Konami/Hudson line-up

Bomberman 2 for DS, plus Hard Working People and Kororinpa 2 for Wii.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced the next three titles to emerge from its distribution agreement with Hudson Soft.

The three games will be released in Q1 2009 across Europe, and mark the welcome return of Hudson’s ever popular Bomberman character to Nintendo DS, plus two original Wii releases entitled Hard Working People (Working Title) and Kororinpa 2 (Working Title).

The provisionally-titled Bomberman 2 (Working Title) will see the veteran bomb-slinger undergoing a new look, with players invited to customize their Bomberman to their own taste. Hudson has also extended the gameplay, with the familiar setting of planting bombs to destroy encroaching enemies and clear levels extended into a more open format. Players are faced with varied missions and can customize their Bomberman character in more than 160,000 ways. In addition to the single-player mission, Bomberman 2 (Working Title), will also boast a Versus mode for up to four players using Wi-Fi connection or eight players using Wireless versus.

Hard Working People (Working Title) for Wii offers a new concept in video gaming: work hard and save the planet! A meteor is heading to Earth, but the items needed to prevent it ending life as we know it are hugely expensive. Within the time-frame given, players must graft across 50 professions as they attempt to raise the money needed to save the Earth, with successful workers rewarded with huge cash bonuses.

As well as saving the Earth the player can collect 150 interactive characters who work alongside and against the user, the player can also strive to achieve ‘Master’ status by completing the game’s most advanced level. As well as Story mode for single player, a Battle mode, wherein two people work to outdo the other in their chosen professions is also featured, as is a ‘Seminar’ training mode for novices, and a Gallery that displays all career achievements as they are made.

Also for Wii, Kororinpa 2 (Working Title) is a fast-paced action title where the player helps out the small Ant – named Anthony – and his colony, the player is charged with rolling a ball through over 100 stages in a quest to locate the mythical ‘Golden Sunflower Seed.’ Kororinpa 2 also makes innovative use of Nintendo’s Wii Board add-on with 10 special stages designed for the Wii Board where the players steer the ball with their bodies.

As the player progresses the level designs grow ever more complex as they go through houses, snow capped mountains, deserts, watery settings and even a space station. In addition to rolling through the colourful stages, the player will collect pieces of junk which the ants can turn into the 100 edit parts need to proceed to the final stage “The Stump Temple”. Kororinpa 2 (Working Title) includes tough multi-player modes where players race to the finish and an edit mode to create your own stages and share them among friends via the Nintendo Wii Connect24. Kororinpa 2 (Working Title) promises to be one of the most entertaining Wii titles of the coming months.

Bomberman 2 (Working Title) for DS, Hard Working People (Working Title) and Kororinpa 2 (Working Title) for Wii will be released in Q1, 2009. For more information, please contact Steve Merrett at Voltage PR on 020 7903 5122 or email

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