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Konami DSiWare/WiiWare releases

Divergent Shift (formery Reflection) arrives on former; Ben 10: Alien Force - The Rise of Hex on WiiWare.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has released new DSiWare™ and WiiWare™ download titles – a platform epic called Divergent Shift, and an all-new Ben 10 title: Ben 10: Alien Force – The Rise of Hex. Both games will be released on December 17th, priced 800 Nintendo Points for Divergent Shift and 1000 Nintendo Points for the Ben 10 game.

Previously announced as Reflection, Divergent Shift is a clever take on the platform genre, wherein players control a female character and her mirror images as they play through two stages simultaneously. The central heroine is Kirra, a thief for hire, who has been tasked with stealing a magic mirror from atop an ancient castle. The job seems simple enough, but when the mirror breaks and the primal magics within are unleashed, Kirra finds the world - and herself - split in two.

Players thus control Kirra as she runs, jumps, climbs, and slides through the game’s shattered reality. With different levels featured across both the top and bottom screens, players use both characters together to find the lost mirror shards, which they must ultimately reassemble to restore the world to normal... or be trapped in the maelstrom forever. As such, there are two primary mechanics in the game: the Reflection Mechanic and Shadow Mechanic. In both players control the two facets of Kirra – one per DS screen – at the same time. If one jumps, so will the other; if one runs, the other will too. The only way to beat the game is to use the two screens together!

Ben 10: Alien Force – The Rise of Hex is a WiiWare™ title and continues the video game adventures of cartoon hero, Ben Tennyson. Ben is a teenager who has a special wrist-based Omnitrix unit that allows him to take the form of a series of alien creatures. In Ben 10: Alien Force – The Rise of Hex, Ben must thwart an invasion of Earth by his arch nemesis Hex.

The 15-stage game takes the form of a stunning cartoon world, with Ben and his many aliases represented by vividly realised 3D characters. As he battles past Hex’s many associates, Ben must transform into each of his 10 alter-egos, using their specific abilities to bypass difficult situations.

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