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KOEI Ltd, the European subsidiary of Japanese publisher and developer KOEI Co.,Ltd. are pleased to announce plans to bring ‘KESSEN III’ to Europe

Press Release date ââ'¬â€œ 26/08/04

Format ââ'¬â€œ PlayStation 2

Genre ââ'¬â€œ Strategy

Players 1 (Offline)

Release date ââ'¬â€œ summer 2005

The Kessen series melded two elements, 'game' and 'drama' together into grand epics that have won the acclaim of critics and consumers worldwide. The appeal of commanding one side of an epic clash between two great armies and the awe of watching dramatic events unfold across spectacular vistas are what the Kessen series is all about. Kessen III will be considered the game that redefined the Kessen series.

One of the most appealing elements of the Kessen series has always been its use of the "Group Control Engine". Kessen III will utilise the power of the PlayStation 2 to the maximum to further evolve the "Group Control Engine" that will power Kessen III. No longer will the player be limited to watching a unit attack while under the control of the group engine ââ'¬â€œ now in Kessen III, the player has direct control of any unit's action. The player now chooses to control the officer or the entire unit!

The storyline will follow the rise of the well known Oda Nobunaga and his allies and forces that supported his quest for supremacy. This deep and compelling narrative will be supported with over 120 minutes of movie sequences.

Blessed with an indomitable vision and fearless constitution, Oda Nobunaga is tasked with overcoming the chaos of his world and bringing peace to Japan.


  • Twice as many battles of any previous Kessen title
  • Engrossing and compelling story line with every chapter and battle having unique themes
  • A multitude of levelling up of your troops and a plethora of items to buy and trade with approximately 110 suits of armour and 80 helmets as two examples showing the depth of detail.
  • Three difficulty settings increases replay value.
  • Over 120 minutes of movie sequences adding to the drama and helping to understand the storyline of the game.

About the producer : - Kou Shibusawa

Kou Shibusawa's previous credits include several series of games including: The Romance of the Three Kingdoms®. Nobunaga's AmbitionTM, Winning PostTM, P.T.O, and Crimson Sea®. Kessen III is developed by an internal team at KOEI Co.,Ltd in Yokohama, Japan.

About KOEI Ltd.

KOEI Ltd, are a subsidiary of Japanese company KOEI Co.,Ltd, and established offices in Hertfordshire, UK in 2003. KOEI maintains operations in Japan, The US, UK, Canada, China, Korea and Taiwan. KOEI employs over six hundred people worldwide with sales exceeding $200 million. The company constantly seeks the fine balance between entertainment, technology, art and education and provides games that will mesmerise gamers globally.

Kessen and the KOEI logo are registered trademarks of KOEI Co., Ltd ®2004, KOEI Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved.

"PlayStation" and the "PS" family logo are registered trademarks of Sony computer Entertainment Europe.

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