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Koei announces two more Nippon Ichi titles for Europe

Publisher Koei has confirmed that it will be bringing two more of Nippon Ichi Software's cult favourite tactical RPGs to Europe - with Phantom Brave and La Pucelle Tactics both set to arrive here early next year.

The two titles follow on from the first of Nippon Ichi's range to arrive in Europe, Disgaea - which was somewhat overlooked commercially, but received rave reviews from many critics for its accessibility, deep gameplay and biting humour.

Phantom Brave, recently launched in the USA, builds upon the formula by removing the battle grid, allowing players to move wherever they wish on the map, and has received strong critical acclaim across the Atlantic, boding well for its February 2005 launch in Europe.

La Pucelle Tactics, meanwhile, is closer to Disgaea in its mechanics, restoring the ability to attack with waves of units, and will hit stores in Europe in Spring 2005.

"It is a pleasure to be working with Nippon Ichi yet again," according to Koei Ltd's marketing and PR manager Steve Marks. "In Disgaea they gave us an AAA title and the feedback we received has proved to us that there will be great demand for these two titles."

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