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KODE5 Launches KODE5 Russia

Global Gaming Revolution Set to Rise in the Russian Capital

(Moscow, RUSSIA) - July 7, 2006 - From the formation of the USSR in 1922 to its eventual fall in 1991, Moscow has been the focal point of some of Russia's most significant historical events. This summer, KODE5, in association with,, and Ropnet will be bringing a new revolution to the gaming community - KODE5 Russia. As an official KODE5 Regional KODE5 Qualifier, KODE5 Russia invites Counter-Strike 1.6, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, and Quake 4 gamers to compete in a series of online qualifiers. From there, the top gamers will meet for an offline final to determine who will earn the right to represent Russia at the KODE5 Global Finals. Supported globally by Foxconn, Corsair Memory, and Razer, and supported regionally by many others, the KODE5 Global Gaming Revolution takes competitive gaming to an international stage with events being held in 20+ countries worldwide. Details for the KODE5 Russia event are as follows: KODE5 Russia Regional Qualifiers Online Qualifier 1 Dates: July 10 ~ 24 Divided into West and East Russia Winners advance to Online Finals Online Qualifier 2 Dates: July 25 ~ August 4 Divided into West and East Russia Winners advance to Online Finals Online Final Dates: August 5 ~ 6 Winners advance to KODE5 Russia Finals in Moscow KODE5 Russia Finals From August 12th to 13th, the KODE5 Russia Finals will be held at Internet Café. As the venue for many international gaming tournaments, is one of Moscow's most renowned Internet cafés, drawing in gamers from all over the country. This year, it will be the site for the inaugural KODE5 Russia Finals. £ in Moscow High-tech surroundings welcome gamers worldwide £ £ Gaming action will be intense Spectators can watch the matches on the big screen £ Gamers will be able to register for this exciting event through the ProPlay website: "We are proud that KODE5 launched at Foxconn's CeBIT booth earlier this year. It is very exciting for us that the KODE5 Global Gaming Revolution has finally caught on in Russia," says Tatiana Arutynova, Foxconn Russia/CIS PR and Marketing Manager. "As one of the main sponsors of this tournament, Foxconn supports KODE5 all around the world and hopes for its success. KODE5, welcome to Moscow! Let's make a revolution together with Foxconn!" "Corsair, the world's most awarded memory company, is excited to show our commitment and support for the extreme gaming community by sponsoring the upcoming KODE5 Moscow event," said Paul Watkins, Director of European Sales at Corsair Memory. "Quality, low-latency memory is essential for intensive computer applications such as gaming, and we are happy to support gamers with very best memory in the world. We wish everyone the best of luck in the championship". "Razer, who has been active since 1999 in the sponsoring of major computer gaming tournaments, is proud to be one of the main global sponsors of KODE5," said Robert "Razerguy" Krakoff, President, Razer Group. "The mouse, mousepad, keyboard, headphones and audio card are the most important weapons in a gamer's arsenal and with Razer providing the official suite of gaming peripherals and prizes for all KODE5 tournaments worldwide, it is an endorsement of Razer as the world's leading designer of high performance gaming peripherals. We are confident that Razer's sponsorship will allow gamers to achieve their optimum performance during the games!" "Moscow is an exciting place for esports development, and home to many of the world's top gamers," says KODE5 Revolutionary-at-Arms Thomas Kuhlenbach. "By working with Foxconn, Corsair, and Razer - some of Russia's top high-end hardware brands - and also with for the event itself, KODE5 Russia will be an event to remember." More details on this exciting event will be revealed at: To register for KODE5 Russia, go to the ProPlay website: To check out, go to their official website: About Foxconn FOXCONN is the global leader in the manufacturing of Motherboards, Graphics Cards, Optical Storage Devices, Workstations, Servers, Slim PCs, Barebones Systems and IA Products. With more than three decades of manufacturing experience that includes global distribution and logistics, Foxconn is dedicated to making business easy and affordable for its customers, offering innovative, award-winning products that propel the market forward. More information: Please see Press Contacts: China/APAC - Christin Wang + 86. 2812. 9800 ext 25503 About Corsair Corsair Memory, a member of JEDEC, has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high-speed memory modules since 1994. We have earned our reputation as being the first to market with leading-edge products supporting new computing platforms and technologies. Corsair supplies memory for applications ranging from mission-critical servers to ultra-high performance gaming systems. The performance and reliability of Corsair memory products makes them ideal for memory-intensive computing. Additional information about Corsair is available at About the Razer Group Razer is the world's leading brand in high-end computer gaming peripherals. The company designs, engineers and markets cutting-edge gaming peripherals that provide professional gamers with the competitive edge through a combination of technology, innovation and design. Recognized as the pioneers of the high-performance gaming mouse, our superiority in gaming peripherals stems from our ability to understand and conceptualize peripherals that gamers need. Engineered to near perfection, Razer's reputation of being the leaders in peripheral technology is embodied in every single Razer product. Razer-For Gamers. By Gamers For more information, please log onto About KODE5 KODE5 masses gamers in 16 countries in a series of regional events to find the best gamers from around the world. The best then fly to an undisclosed location to square off against the world's gaming elite. With television crews from around the world broadcasting, international media in attendance, and mass crowds rioting for their favorites, the KODE5 Global Finals will bring gaming to the center stage like no other gaming event. KODE5 will take competitive gaming to another level and gain the respect that gaming deserves. To join the revolution, go to the KODE5 website at

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