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KOCH Media Signs Paradox Interactive's Latest Title Of Galactic Proprtions


BASINGSTOKE, ENGLAND (NOVEMBER 1st 2005) - KOCH MEDIA UK and PARADOX INTERACTIVE are pleased to announce the continuation of their successful partnership, with the launch of GALACTIC CIVILISATIONS II, on PC CDROM; due Q1 2006. An entire universe of discovery awaits players; but how they secure their foothold in the galaxy, is totally for them to decide. Will it be through tactful diplomacy and interstellar trading, or by force of arms? With thousands of planets to discover and colonize, players align themselves to one of 10 races, or can even create a custom race, as they step tentatively out into the final frontier.

"We are delighted to be working once more with Paradox Interactive." Said Craig McNicol, Managing Director of KOCH Media UK. "Paradox excel in releasing quality, hardcore strategy titles, which do exceedingly well with both the consumer and specialist press."

"Galactic Civilizations II has tremendous potential in Europe and we are thrilled to be bringing the title to the UK gamers through KOCH Media UK", says Director of Publishing at Paradox Interactive, Fredrik W. Lindgren. "KOCH Media UK are experts on their market and we know this title is in very capable hands"


  • GAIN POWER - SEIZE CONTROL - CONQUER THE UNIVERSE - Use technology, colonization and war to build a far-reaching interstellar empire. Players alone have the power to choose the path that will make their people the rulers of the universe.
  • STARSHIP CONSTRUCTION DESIGN - Players can create their own ships, using a flexible, sophisticated design system. Research technology to design unique ship classes, then visually customize the looks of the ship
  • A GALAXY OF PLANETS - Over 20 types of planet to discover and colonize. Harvest resources, develop civilizations and conquer strategic universal positions.
  • PLAY AS ANY RACE - Choose from any of 10 races (including Humans), each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Players are also able to create their own unique race for a truly custom civilization.
  • FULLY 3D GAME ENGINE - Unique 3D engine that allows for intelligent resizing. Each part of the UI optimizes to different resolutions, allowing for more projects to be displayed on screen or greater item in the build queue. Visual details render at higher resolutions for more detail.
  • ENHANCED COMBAT SYSTEM & FLEETS - Combat tactics and options allow for greater depth of combat. Fleets take advantage of multiple ships in combat, sizes being determined by the player's logistic ability - big fleets of small ships or a few capital ships in massive fire fights.

For more information on GALACTIC CIVILISATIONS II, please visit

Published by PARADOX INTERACTIVE, developed by STARDOCK INTERACTIVE and distributed exclusively by KOCH MEDIA, GALACTIC CIVILISATIONS II is set for launch Q1 2006 on PC CDROM.

For all UK press enquires relating to GALACTIC CIVILISATIONS II, please contact:




+44 8700 276 530


Paradox Interactive has been a leading publisher and developer of strategy games for the PC platform since 1999. Well renowned in their niche of strategy games, the company's distribution network and followers span the globe. Paradox's experienced team has completed more than 16 titles, including such best-selling games as the Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron franchises, as well as Crusader Kings. Their latest world-wide release is DIPLOMACY, the game of international intrigue.


Founded in 1994, KOCH MEDIA UK develops, publishes and distributes a range of titles for home console gaming systems, and personal computers. Based in Basingstoke, under its own brands of DEEP SILVER and EUROPRESS, KOCH MEDIA develops and publishes its own range of gaming, lifestyle and educational software. Additionally it has exclusive distribution contracts with both games and software publishers who utilise KOCH's expansive sales, press and marketing resources to maximise sales success. For more information on KOCH MEDIA and its products, visit

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