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Knight's Rush

The E3 factsheet.

Product Description

Following the tremendous success of ‘Knights Onrush’, Chillingo and indie developer MoreGames bring ‘Knight’s Rush’ – a brand new action-adventure game to the App Store! With added heroes and a huge campaign featuring seven worlds to explore, players will discover new enemies, bosses, machines and traps for an epic, unforgettable adventure.

Game Features

Stunning New Gameplay: Visuals that need to be seen to be believed showcase non-stop action and exploration! Controls are easy to understand, meaning fantastic special abilities can be used with ease on monstrous enemy hordes. Incredible Graphics and Visual Effects: Seven uniquely designed worlds both above and below ground ensure gameplay never gets boring! Three Unique Controllable Characters: Players can choose a hero with his own abilities and spells, and then find further rewards to unlock new abilities. Over 30 Types of Enemy: Battle a huge variety of enemies and prepare for wickedly defiant bosses! Fast-Paced Action-Packed Environments: There’s never a quiet moment in Knight’s Rush, with armies of monsters, dozens of traps and defensive machines in play at any moment. Tap and Destroy: Responsive controls allow you to attack enemies faster than ever before! Massive Depth: Knight’s Rush allows players to investigate worlds in Story, Endless or Super Endless modes for hours of fun. Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements: Players can compare scores and achievements with online leaderboards through Crystal! Product Specifications:

Publisher: Chillingo

Developer: MoreGames

Ship Date: June 2010

Category: Action

Rating: Ages 9+

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