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Knight Online

Forgotten Frontiers region opens.

Irvine, Ca. – Oct.23, 2008 – GamersFirst (, a service of K2 Network and one of today's most popular free-to-play online game destinations, introduces Forgotten Frontiers to the Knight Online World.

It was conflict that begot the world of Carnac, and so it is fitting that in conflict the world should forever live. Monsters and beasts, nightmares of legend rose up and attacked, laying waste to all that man had built. Those that survived the sundering of the six once great nations of mankind retreated, and turning the fledgling city of El Morad into humanity’s final stronghold. Though they prayed, there were two types of gods that heard their prayers: those that were apathetic to their pleas, believing men were no longer worth the effort it had taken to create them and bloodthirsty gods who reveled in their plight, actively seeking their destruction. It fell to men to and men alone to rescue themselves from total eradication.

“It is exciting to provide our gamers with a new chapter in the Knight online saga,” says Joseph Willmon, Associate Producer, Knight Online. “We look forward to creating new and exciting events for our gamers in the Forgotten Frontiers world”

The expansion features three exciting new zones for players to explore. Each of these areas will test a player’s skill and courage as they fight to advance their nation’s cause. In the new Lunar War map Oreads, the nations of Karus and El Morad are once again pitted against each other, this time with castles, new siege vehicles, traps, and even combat affected by the terrain on which it occurs! Lower level players have a chance to test their mettle in the new Ronark Land Base before moving on to more formidable enemies. Knights looking for a real challenge will want to make their way into the Dominion of Krowaz, where they’ll need to contend with terrifying bosses, vicious traps, and even enemy players in their search for quests.

Cursed Weapons are a brand new addition, and players with the skill and luck necessary to create them will undoubtedly be the most intimidating foes on the battlefield.

About K2 Network and GamersFirst

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