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Kiss Before Midnight: dtp celebrates Valentine's Day

Hamburg/Germany: Feb 14, 2007 - Today is Valentine's Day, the day for lovers: In this spirit, German publisher dtp entertianment today announced Kiss Before Midnight, an emotional flirting sim all about realistic romance.

In Kiss Before Midnight, players take on different roles as they experience romantic adventures in Paris, the city of love. Their goal: Winning the heart of their respective counterpart. Macho men, beautiful women, wallflowers and sultry vamps - players will not only meet a wide variety of people, but also face real challenges in the field of love.

Kiss Before Midnight comprises several episodes which tell the story of the game's main characters. The individually storylines are intricately interweaved but open-ended. In dialogues, with emotional statements and actions, as well as with romantic gifts, steamy dates and cool outfits, the player can influence the outcome of his flirtations - just like in real life. It all comes down to getting turned on - or getting turned down: the player decides how the relationships of the characters will develop.

The game is being developed by RotoBee. The German developer previous' games include Singles, which won them two German Developer Awards in 2004.

dtp entertainment will publish Kiss Before Midnight worldwide with a Q3/2007 release date for German-speaking territories.

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