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Text-based MMOG for the iPhone or, indeed, anything with an internet connection. Now the largest text based MMO on the iPhone - thousands of virtual rules enjoy a battle of wits to see who's Kingdom will reign supreme.

It's being played from the stages of Broadway to the rural English Countryside, by players including top businessmen, entire fire watches, game-addicted teenagers and stay at home mums.

So what is KingdomGame? Set in a virtual medieval world, every player gets a plot of land to expand their small estate into a thriving Kingdom. It's a text based MMO game, designed with the iPhone in mind, but playable on anything with an internet connection. You're playing against real people in real time…

First you need to expand your Kingdom - will you explore or just fight for more land? Decide what to build and how to train your troops - do you want troops specialising in attack or defence - the number of archers in your Kingdom could tip the balance of a battle? Maybe you'll opt for a large community of priests to help ensure good luck? Keep your rivals in check by attacking them - but beware, the might of their alliance could come tumbling down on top of you.

"The beauty of the game is that you can spend as little or as much time as you want" says KingdomGame founder Paul Hutson (27) " you can catch up with your Kingdom during a five minute break from work, or immerse yourself in the forums and the online community that's built up around KingdomGame."

"I'm amazed at how the game has taken off, it began as a bit of fun for some friends but has expanded into a massive game played in 122 countries.

And what's helped make it really different is that the players themselves have as much influence over the way the game develops as I do" Paul added.

KingdomGame has featured on the apps website as a staff pick for much of this year - find out why they, and thousands of players enjoy it so much, by visiting .

Here's what some of the players have to say about it:

"There are many things that I enjoy about KingdomGame. The real-time aspect is great, even though many of us still spend waaaaayyyyyyy too much time. The friendships made and loyalties that are made, and sometimes broken, has been captivating. A dev team that is actually trying to make things better! Kudos to you guys! Thanks for a great game!" Brian White aka 'Corbin'

"What draws me to Kingdomgame is the fact that it doesn't just involve YOUR strategy, but it pits your strategy vs. every other person's strategy to see which one is best. And that in alliances, you have to put your strategy into a larger strategy, making even greater complications or successes. The fact that when you attack someone, they will get that message wherever they are and you have successfully p***ed off someone around the world, all without a single picture. This is truly a great game and is going to be huge! And I'm glad to say I was here in the near beginning." Chris Waters aka 'Battlefield'

"I like the social interaction and real time gaming experience." Cameron McSweeney aka 'The Fortress'

Note to Editors: was set up by Paul Hutson in Suffolk, England in March this year - as part of Phutty Studios LTD - a small startup games developer focussing on MMO games for the mobile scene.

Three schools in England are currently trialling the game as an educational tool.

Accounts are free - enhancements are available from $3 a month.

Free premium accounts are available for journalists - contact Paul Hutson



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