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King of Fighters uncensored for European release

Ignition Entertainment, which is currently preparing to launch a range of SNK's classic titles in Europe, has pleased fans with the announcement that King of Fighters 00/01 will remain uncensored in its European incarnation.

Previous overseas releases of the games had some gore removed, along with animations where one of the female characters attempted to distract her opponents with her, er, feminine charms.

According to the publisher, however, all future SNK titles will be free of censorship in Europe, as audiences in this territory are less easily offended by this type of content.

"The decision to revert to the original code was a fairly straightforward one," according to Ignition product manager Peter Rollinson. "To keep the game as it was intended is something that we, and more importantly the fans, wanted."

King of Fighters 00 and 01 will be available as a double-pack from early November, with a budget price point of Ã'£19.99 being set for the games on both Xbox and PS2.

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