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King of Fighters Online

Gameplay trailer released for 3D RPG-style fighter from Triple A games.

- Fun factor packed up from KOF developer, Triple A games

- Core RPG sprit with dynamic battle graphic and gorgeous scenes to enjoy

- The latest KOF series where you can enjoy original special moves and combo action through online!

Dragonfly (CEO Chul Woo Park) has released the game play trailer of King of Fighters Online today which is being developed by Triple A games (CEO Yong June Uhm).

'King of Fighters Online' has inherited best selling game King of Fighters. It's a full 3D action game maximized the fun factor of confrontation of gamers 'PVP' (Player VS Player) and 'PVE' (Player VS Environment) where game play will be covered by game environment.

The trailer released today will be introduced through PVP battle video clip of 'Kyo Kusanagi', 'Joe Hagashi', 'Athena Asamiya' characters.

The transfer to the beginning stage will take place in a factory, where you can catch the real dynamic battle action of horizon scroll supporting back ground.

You can feel the exciting 3D action of tag system through 'tag slot' (A system which allows you to change character during battle) with basic battle action creating fighting game including special attacks per character.

This movie presents the game play in very simplified version of 1)boss scene, 2)Public Park, 3)auditorium, 4)Venezia, and 5)class room stages, currently being developed, for purpose of showing the core game contents.

Scheduled to service early next year, King of Fighters Online is planning to take its place by revealing various contents, screen shots, and video clips inheriting the original factors of King of Fighters.

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