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King Arthur

All about Strongholds.

The majestic Strongholds of King Arthur – The Role-playing Wargame are the magic castles of the legends, now reborn in Britannia; the cities of wonders that wizards used to summon out of thin air during one night.

There are only a handful of locations where it is possible to build a Stronghold. They used to be the palaces of gods and kings in the ancient times, but they had been destroyed. But now, as the tides of wonder sweep over Britannia again, the time is right to restore these colossal keeps… because in a Stronghold everything is possible.

In King Arthur, Strongholds are the centers for development and research – and also huge, beautiful battlegrounds. These mythical medieval cities offer almost unrestricted construction possibilities and a diversified tech tree. The first of the Strongholds will be the legendary Camelot.

All Strongholds are unique, and as the number of available strongholds is limited, the management never becomes a boring routine. Each Stronghold could specialize to serve a different purpose, like a centre for economic growth, the focus of religion, education or the training of heroes. The development of the realm also takes place here, with the constructions and the nuances of the Chancellery, like setting taxes, passing laws and doing global research into magic or technology.

You will also have to conquer other Strongholds. These special battles take place on spectacular battlemaps: you will have to fight your way through a living, sprawling city, between unique medieval buildings, through the twisting alleys and huge plazas to the key locations, the cathedrals, towers and keeps.


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