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Witness the future of entertainment as the Bet on Soldier trailer goes live.

The world of first person blasting is about to get a rocket up its rear with one of the most unique shooters ever to hit the PC. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Head to the link below and behold a betting experience like no other.

- Witness Bet on Soldier's revolutionary FPS world where war is ongoing, corporations rule, nationalistic values are a thing of the past and mercenaries battle for money.

- Watch the most bloodthirsty gameshow ever known to man, where mercenaries and the public alike crave large odds and even larger winnings.

- See the unique TV style presentation as the cream of fighting soldiers meet face to face in brutal combat.

- Get to know a man named Nolan. A man whose life has been torn apart with the shocking murder of his wife and whose only way to avenge her death is to enter the Bet on Soldier tournament and make her killers pay with their lives.

- Observe the destructible armours which wilt under concentrated gunfire and are the only thing standing between you and a closed coffin.

- Understand a unique world where money is everything. A world where gambling on your own performance is just as important as being able to gun down a deadly roll call of lethal mercenaries.

To download the trailer head to the FTP link below: (This is for your private/press use only and is not for public access.)

High Res

Low Res

To view the trailer online or to use these links within your story please head to these links below.

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For more information head to www.betonsoldier.com

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