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Kick Some Brick Through All Six Star Wars™ Movies for the First Time in LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga

The Award-Winning Videogame Brings Families Together Again, This Time on Even More Next-Generation Consoles

LEGO® Star Wars: The Complete Saga takes players to the most beautiful LEGO galaxy ever assembled with high-definition graphics on the PLAYSTATION 3 system and Xbox 360. And with both consoles' online capabilities, families spread across the world can unite to rebuild a galaxy in pieces with cooperative two-player, drop-in/drop-out gameplay. Meanwhile, the unique Wii and Nintendo DS control schemes result in the most interactive LEGO Star Wars gaming experience yet.

For more information on LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, please visit www.legostarwarssaga.com.

Windows Media:

Mid: http://ukpress.waytoblue.com/media/video/legostarwars_trailer_330k.asx

High: http://ukpress.waytoblue.com/media/video/legostarwars_trailer_850k.asx

Real Media:

Mid: http://ukpress.waytoblue.com/media/video/legostarwars_trailer_330k.ram

High: http://ukpress.waytoblue.com/media/video/legostarwars_trailer_850k.ram

Extra: http://ukpress.waytoblue.com/media/video/legostarwars_trailer_1500k.ram


Mid: http://ukpress.waytoblue.com/media/video/legostarwars_trailer_330k_meta.mov





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