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Eighth annual game conference opens doors in Ilsan, Korea on November 13th; 80 speakers lined up.

- The largest game conference in Asia

- "The 5th Generation of Gaming" as its main theme

As the largest game conference in Asia, KGC 2008 will be held on November 13~15 at Ilsan KINTEX.

Marking its 8th anniversary this year, KGC 2008 shall feature an in-depth discussion on the continuous growth and future of the game industry under the theme "The 5th Generation of Gaming." In particular, 80 game developers and executives from prominent game development companies such as NCsoft, Nintendo Korea, Epic Games, Rockstar Games, BioWare, and Bandai Namco Games will participate in the conference as speakers.

Starting this year, the conference is planning to provide more opportunities to its audience by extending the existing 2-day schedule to a 3-day one. Furthermore, it will adopt a workshop format wherein the audience and the speaker can freely exchange ideas in addition to the lecture format that has been emphasizing the one-way communication of information to date. In the workshop, which will be held on the 15th, the last day of the conference, speakers from nVidia, AMD, and Microsoft will be featured.

Similar to last year, Microsoft, AMD, and ETRI will participate as the main sponsors of KGC 2008. Moreover, many companies such as nVidia, Intel, IBM, SUN and Scaleform will support and sponsor the event as well as participate in the lectures.

In particular, Microsoft announced that it would open the actual applied case of DirectX 11 to the public as disclosed in the previous Gamefest 2008 at KGC 2008; thus attracting the attention of game developers. In addition, Frank Savage, who first theorized XNA Game Studio, is scheduled to run a workshop.

In addition, nVidia as the leader in graphics technology along with AMD as the main sponsor and various other companies such as Scaleform will introduce the latest technologies used in game development through their speakers.

Sponsors KGDA and KOGIA attribute such active participation of sponsors to the improving status of KGC year after year. In this KGC 2008 event, KGDA is planning to conclude MOUs with game development associations from Europe, Japan, and Australia and expand mutual exchange with these countries.

"We look forward to the quantitative and qualitative growth of KGC 2008 based on the active participation of sponsor companies. We shall do our best to make sure this event satisfies both sponsors and game developers participating in KGC 2008 through good theme lectures and various programs," KGDA Chairman Kim Gwang-sam said.

KGC 2008 is now accepting pre-registrations through its homepage ( Various benefits such as discounts on the registration fee are given to pre-registrants.

About KGC

Originally known as KGDC, KGC started out as a conference for game developers held by the Korea Game Developers' Association (KGDA) in 2001. Since 2003, it has transformed into an international conference for game developers from an event exclusive for Korean developers. In 2004, it changed its name to "Korea Games Conference." KGC has become the largest international game conference in Asia, attracting thousands of visitors and featuring lectures by prominent game developers in the industry.

Last year's KGC 2007 featured 74 lectures under the theme "Beyond Illusion," establishing itself as a world-class international game conference and living up to its reputation with over 4,000 spectators from 18 countries attending and 73 speakers from 8 countries participating.

About KGDA

The Korea Game Developers' Association (KGDA) is a representative organization that speaks for the interest of game developers. To protect the rights of game developers and share the latest information, it actively engages in outside activities such as the Korea Games Conference and Korea Independent Game and Game Idea Contest.

KGDA started out by playing the role of a community for information exchange among game developers in the initial stage as an online game development club. Based on the consensus that there is a need for an organization that can be the voice of game developers, however, it was reborn as a corporation called Korea Game Developers Association (KGDA) in 2000.

With Kim Gwang-sam, professor at Chungkang College of Cultural Industries, taking office as the 2nd chairman in April 2006, KGDA broke away from the existing community color. It is working hard to represent the rights and interest of game developers and establish itself as the association that contributes to the growth of the Korean game industry.


KOGIA was founded in February 1999 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with the objective of developing the game industry as the key future strategic industry of the country. For the past nine years, KOGIA has greatly contributed to the development of the domestic game industry and support Korean games in the global market. KOGIA is planning to implement various programs aimed at raising the awareness of game culture, promoting e-sports, developing the creative capability of game contents, promoting international cooperation and exports, building up the game industry infrastructure, and pursuing professional development, legislation improvement and management innovation based on a master plan for the game industry's long-term development.

For inquiries on KGC 2008, contact:

KGC Organizer/Manager SoYeon Park

Tel.: 82-2-6939-7784, 7898


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