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KGC2006, the Largest Game Conference in Asia

Will be opening on Nov. 09, in KINTEX, together with the G. STAR, under the catch phrase of 'Toward Online 2.0', taking the 'Online Leadership' of Korea.

June 21. 2006

Game Industry Professionals being invited

KGDA (Korea Game Developers Association (President Gwang-Sam Kim / Professor of the Department of Computer Games, Chungkang Univ.) announced that the Korean Games Conference 2006 (herein after 'KGC 2006'), which positioned as the largest game conference in Asia will be held from Nov. 9th to 10th in 2006.

■ Firmly Positioned Together with the G.STAR, as One of the Most Important and Must-attending International Game Events in Korea

KGC, which has been grown as an world-class games conference attracting more than 3,000 domestic and foreign industry professionals in last year, has been providing a meaningful space for discussing on the future of the game industry and sharing new viewpoints and ideas, together with more than 80 world-widely well-known game developers, including Bill Roper, Raph Koster, Jessica Mulligan, Masayuki Chatani

and also with more than 100 game industry leaders including Jeong-Ju Kim, Hak-Kyu Kim, Gwnan-Hee Seo, who represent the game industry of Korea.

President Kim of KGDA who has been leading the game conferences since year 2001 said that "KGC is a conference formed by all the game developers in Korea and it provides the ground for discussing the keywords of the next- generation gaming and for raising the position of Korean game industry in the world." He added that KGDA will continue its efforts to contribute to the world game industry and provide the valuable opportunities to meet new ideas for all the game professionals throughout the world.

■ Official Public Invitation for the Game Industry Professionals as KGC2006 Speakers

KGDA announced the catch phrase of 'Toward Online 2.0' as the main theme of KGC2006. This year's KGC is being expected to address the direction of the next-generation online games by inviting the wonderful speakers from all circles as well as game industry.

Through this conference, KGC, which had looked-out the Post-Online Game under the theme of 'Online's Revolution: What's Next?' in 2005, will secure its position as an international conference which accelerates online games' revolution throughout the world.

KGC is being under process of 'Call for Speakers' from all of the world in order to provide the audience of KGC2006 with high-level lectures and presentations.

All game industry professionals who have interesting ideas and topics for KGC2006 are being invited through the 8 tracks of programming, computer graphics, game designing, game producing, audio, business, game operation, mobile and science/policy. Anyone who wants to apply are encouraged to hand in a proposal to KGC organizer through KGC2006 website(www.kgconf.com) by Aug. 15th.

At the same time, KGDA is also inviting industry people who will give presentations in the KGDS (Korea Game Developers' Summit) which is an annual summer festival for all Korea game developers. KGDS is an in-depth program held for 2 days and the presentations which attract favorable responses at KGDS will be introduced to more audience at KGC2006, too.

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KGC Organizing Office

Korea Game Developers Association, Mr. Dong-Hee Koh, Secretary
Tel. +82-2-3424-2342 / e-Mail. gammaker@kgda.or.kr

e-SPIRIT Inc., Ms. Jin-Soo Sung, Project Director
Tel. +82-2-586-2783 / e-Mail media@kgconf.com

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