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Keynote speakers announced for GDCE 2005

The organisers of the 5th annual Game Developers Conference Europe have announced that Phil Harrison, executive vice president of development for SCEE, will take part in a keynote question and answer session at the event.

Conference director Jamil Moledina will host the Q&A, which will look at next-generation development and the state of the European interactive entertainment industry.

Keita Takahashi - creator of cult hit Katamari Damacy - will deliver a keynote speech discussing the game's development process on day three of the event. He will also offer a preview of gameplay innovations featured in his latest project, We Love Katamari.

"Through industry-defining keynotes to next-generation content, GDC Europe provides the European game development community an essential forum in which to learn and network," said Moledina.

"Visionary speakers such as Phil Harrison and Keita Takahashi form the nucleus of current game creation, and are ideally positioned to inform and influence."

GDC 2005 will take place in London from August 30 to September 1. A day-long intensive seminar titled GDC Europe Mobile will be held on the first day of the event, focussing on the development of game content for mobile phones.

More information and registration details are available from the official GDC website.

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