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Kelkoo study

PS3 set to win UK's console wars this Christmas, apparently.

A new study from Kelkoo and GameVision Europe predicts that the latest innovations in motion gaming from Sony will make the PS3 the biggest selling console this Christmas, accounting for 41% [1] of all consoles sold [2] 

·         Amongst UK gamers today, it is estimated that 44% (6.9 million) own a Wii, 34% (5.3 million) own an Xbox 360 and 22% (3.4 million) own a PlayStation 3 [3]

·         Research suggests that UK consumers are planning to buy 1.8 millionnew game consoles by Christmas, spending £379 million in total – with 41%(750,000 units) of overall sales  expected to be driven by the PS3 [4] 

Nintendo Wii has been the number one best-selling console since December 2007 but looks set to lose its crown this year claiming just 36% of total sales (650,000 units) in the run up to Christmas, 5% or 100,000 units less than the PS3[4] At present, there are around 8.7 million Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles in the UK[3], with 1.6 million[5] expected to be upgraded with motion sensing technology by Christmas as consumers invest in a Kinect for the Xbox 360 (700,000), or a PlayStation Move (850,000) at a cost of £126 million[ 4] ·         In total, an estimated 2.2 million consumers will buy into motion gaming this Christmas through the purchase of either a PS3 or Xbox 360 bundle package, or standalone accessories [6]

·         Consumers could spend a total of £504 million on consoles and peripherals in the run-up to Christmas if they shop online, £25 million less than the total cost of these same items if bought on the high street [4]

The much awaited launch of the Xbox Kinect next Wednesday is expected to re-ignite the console wars as consumers get ready to ‘Move’ and ‘Kinect’ following the new motion gaming innovations brought to them courtesy of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Today’s research from shopping comparison website

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